The Senwes Group of companies with its Head Office in Klerksdorp has been creating value for clients since 1909. This agricultural giant consist out of multiple companies, each experts in their respective fields. Spread over 8 of the 9 provinces in South Africa the group has more than 3 344 employees (as at 30 April 2019) with approximately 600 of them, working at the head office. The head office which opened for business on 20 October 1978 serves as home to Senwes, Hinterland, CertiSure, TradeVantage, Grainovation and Bastion.

What differentiates Senwes?

Strong alliances with strategic partners
By forming strong alliances with strategic business partners, Senwes expands its geographic presence, product ranges and service offerings and unlocks new income streams.

Empowered and committed workforce
Senwes’ employees are humble in success and remain determined in the face of adversity, constantly striving towards excellence, focused on the company’s vision and committed to the company’s corporate values.

Sustainable value for shareholders
Senwes creates value for shareholders by delivering return on equity, despite challenging climatic conditions, including severe droughts and a constantly changing industry.

Integrated and innovative solutions
Senwes is committed to the interests of clients and focuses on providing integrated and innovative sustainable solutions whilst strengthening long-term relationships.

Strategic agility under pressure
Senwes’ management has the ability to adapt rapidly to unforeseen circumstances, changing them into opportunities, whilst still implementing sufficient risk-mitigating actions.

Sincere involvement in communities
The company is committed to making a sustainable difference to the welfare of the communities in the company’s area of operation.